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The rules of the world for women are: be small be quiet be pretty be selfless. The only problem with these rules are that they will kill you- and your only job is to LIVE. Break the damn rules. Thank you, Erin Parker! LOVE your work!

This is how I felt when I adopted a lab mix that turned out to be a Great Dane!lol

(Ignore the Great Dane part. It's definitely not a Great Dane. I know it's a Great Pyrenees when I see one. Since I grew up all of my life with Great Pyrenees. I love Great Pyrenees!


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Love how it's all pulled up at the front.                                                                                                                                                     More

Classic wedding hairstyles THE STYLE This style is specially designed for ladies who lust after a full and voluminous look. The luscious strands gradate outwards in length, with an additional layer of criss-crossed fur througho