Zsuzsa Vikopál

Zsuzsa Vikopál

Zsuzsa Vikopál
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Dragon eggs are handmade of polymer clay in custom blended colors over actual empty goose eggs. Every detail is made by hand and…

This dragon egg has been carefully plucked from an ancient and magical dragon lair; no harm was done to any dragon in the plucking, and by agreeing to care for this egg you are very likely saving a sm

[Commission] Nidhoggr by AlsaresLynx.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Looks like a dragon I made actually, but more dull (no offense, it's actually very nice with the colours)


Notice the glint in a dragon's eye. Cold as ice to the liar, Sharp as a knife to the knave, Hard as iron to the greedy, A burning flame to the brave.