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Reine Guenièvre - Queen Guinevere: The name come from the Welsh "Gwenhywhar" which means "white ghost." Guinevere is a magical character; as the wife of King Arthur, and a symbol of courtly love. She is also flawed; because she is a 'barren queen' and sh

Lara, Tomb Raider

Nat's heart was almost pounding out of her chest, if she let loose one second to soon or to late she'd hit Swayla and miss Wyatt. If she hit Swayla she'd never forgive herself.

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Tejano Princess

Reminds me of my mother when she was younger with the black long hair in the braids, shawl, and the handmade embroidered top we all love these days. This is a beautiful art piece. Arte by Jesús Enrique Emilio de la Helguera Espinoza