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London Street  By Phuoc Quan    Inspired by "The Anubis Gates", novel by Tim Powers
Martin Luther is a steam locomotive abandoned in the desert of Skeleton Coast outside of the town of Swakopmund, South Africa- 4 km from the town centre. In 1897, due to incorrect handling, the engine ground to a halt outside of town & was abandoned there. A local resident Max Rhode said the following words: “Did you know that the steam ox is called ‘Martin Luther’ now because it can also say "Here I stand, I can do no more".  It was originally to be used in the German diamond mining trade…
Alan Ayers - Grey Gallows
Tree Tattoo design
Abandoned castle in Ireland.
Overgrown Spiral Stairs in Sintra, Portugal
Castle gate!...Where dreams become reality...
Abandoned In time - Abandoned... Village in Scotland! by Maiden11976