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Take the step ☺️

Optimism, holding onto the hope instead of focusing on the fear! Take control over your life and take risks with your own caution, but don't let fear stop you from taking chances. Can't learn if you don't make mistake. So very True!

Zero f*cks is a way of life <3

So true. Stop caring what others think of you. Stop caring about people who don't care about you. Start caring about your happiness and those who really do care for you ❀️

Your story isn't over yet!

The semi-colon appears where a sentence could end, but instead it goes on. This is becoming a symbol for suicide prevention. Don't use a period in your life; use a semi-colon. You have more to say, your story isn't finished.

Id love to have signs of everyplace ever lived/vacationed and how far they are away from home :)

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