According to Pinterest people seem to like my packing lists I make. They also like my Capsule Wardrobe but I have only done one of those so you can't really compare the numbers between the two.

Pinterest and Packing Lists

10 Day To Night Looks Copenhagen Packing List Day - shirt and pants, Day 6 skirt and shirt and Day Day 9 Scarf, shirt, and pants

messy hair by Fukari on deviantART

some doodles. at the very top - a dinner in George's flat - Anne Marie, G, Cara and Cara's cousin - young vampire Danielle. upper right corner - wolfies - werewolf twins, Danielle's friends.

back from holidays by Fukari on DeviantArt

psd file with all layers at my patreon account! / for more sketches, WIP, tutorials and stuff support me and become m.

Harry Potter

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