Last Minute Beach Body Workout 8 exercises that will incinerate fat and tighten muscle in record time


Loaded Squats Research continues to show the amazing benefits of lifting weights: It’s the go-to way to build muscles, strengthen your bones, and even speed up your metabolism.

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You wedding gown may hide your butt, but nothing kind hide a honeymoon butt! Get the best butt exercises.


Step Ups Step Ups. See video demo here Step Ups on a chair. See video here Step Ups with Dumbbells. See video demo here Step Ups with Knee Lift.

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Tthe Bulgarian Split Squat is a powerful exercise, but is it the right one for you? Find out more about the Bulgarian Split Squat here.

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How To Tone Your Lower Body – 3 Easy Exercises to sculpt and tone your Butt, Abs, and Thighs.