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Viki Kovacs
Bainbridge, NY / Coming to America was my best decision in my life❤️
Viki Kovacs
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Aquarius gets a varied array of reactions from people for being so confidently different, from jealous admiration to outright hatred.


Quibe One Line Minimal Illustrations - Stag

“ART PRINTS BY QUIBE Elephant line Oneline Stag Oneline Tiger One line Gorilla Also available as canvas prints, T-shirts, Phone cases, Throw pillows, Tapestries and More!

This is an example of line because it is a lot of small lines making one picture. The lines really give the picture a lot of detail, because each line is positioned different,Its not only lines going one way but the way they are positioned make you notice the hole in the center.

Line - This is an example of line because all of the lines drawn lead into the middle hole. All of the lines together like this lead your eyes in to the hole that is in the picture.