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a dog standing on top of a grass covered field with mountains in the back ground
My friend's Border Collie puppy, Cairo :)
My friend's Border Collie puppy Cairo :)
a husky puppy sitting on the ground next to a door
Siberian Husky - Red
a brown dog laying in the snow with its tongue out and it's tongue hanging out
Gotta get this snow off my nose Mais
a close up of a dog's face with its tongue out
Tongue out Tuesday by Elke Vogelsang / 500px
What an amazing photo!
a dog looking at the camera through a magnifying glass with it's reflection
Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 25 Pics
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a small black and brown dog sitting on top of a brick floor next to a car
Tiny hero in training.
a black and white puppy with blue eyes laying on the ground in some green grass
Dog | All Black Siberian Husky Puppy | Those eyes! 😍
a small dog sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a pink flower in it's mouth
Cute Dogs, No Filler
a close up of a dog with its mouth open and tongue hanging out to the side
a brown and black dog looking up at the camera
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Just in case you haven't smiled yet today
a brown and black dog laying on the ground wearing a bandana with paw prints
The bandanna says it all! #gsd #dogs #vip
a small black dog with antlers on it's head laying on a bed
a dachshund dog wearing a hoodie sitting on a couch with the caption late health and exercise today better wake up skinnyy
Daily dachshund quotes
a small puppy sleeping on top of a white blanket next to a blue ball and string
a black and white photo of a man in a suit smiling with his hands on his chest
Jake Gyllenhaal