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Discovering Slovenian food via a Food Tour of Ljubljana
10 things to do in slovenia that aren't Lake Bled and Ljublijana. Go off the beaten path and discover what else SLovenia has to offer.
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Tolmin Gorge, Slovenia - I pretty much have this same picture, not nearly as pretty though.  I believe its called "Bear's Head" being the shape of the rock stuck between kinda looks like a bear.
7 days in Slovenia, so much to do, but where do you start?
Schneller Mohnkuchen ohne Boden - statt Mehl gemahlene Mandeln, statt Haselnusskrokant gehackte Haselnüsse nehmen, außerdem Zucker ersetzen
Geheime Rezepte: Super schneller Mohnkuchen ohne Boden mit Paradiescreme und Haselnusskrokant
AA School of Architecture Projects Review 2012 - Diploma 11 - Stephen Marshall