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a man sitting at a piano with his hand on the top of it's head
Paul McCartney
black and white photograph of four men jumping in the air with their arms spread out
The Beatles - no less!
a man sitting in a chair with his hands out and snow falling all around him
paul mccartney | Tumblr
the cover of rolling stone magazine with paul mccartney in black t - shirt
Paul McCartney Looks Back: The Rolling Stone Interview
Paul McCartney on the August 25, 2016 cover.
two men hugging each other on stage
black and white photograph of people in bed with caption that says, i'll always love the memory of you and me ringo
George and Ringo
an old photo of two men talking to each other in front of a newspaper article
Oh my god my heart literally just broke
the beatles's famous faces are shown in this black and white photo
George Harrison in a hard days night
an old photo of a man with long hair and blue eyes
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"White Album" Portrait: Ringo Starr of the rock and roll band "The Beatles"…
black and white photograph of a man brushing his teeth in front of another man with a birdcage behind him
View topic - 10 March 1964 - UK, London, Winchester Road, Twickenham
10th March 1964. Ringo filmed his solo for "A Hard Day's Night" at the Turks…
john lennon with the quote it's weird not to be weird
Creativity Design Art - Arte y diseño
John Lennon
the beatles word cloud in orange and black on a white background with an orange circle surrounded by other words
made by: Viri Szabó
the rolling stones drummer person on drums in front of an audience
66 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Beatles
66 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Beatles