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Identify Safe and Edible Plants in a Survival Situation. You're out in the middle of nowhere, thousands of miles from civilization. You've consumed your last Twinkie and you're down to your last gulp of water. The future looks terribly dim - unless you know how to recognize and identify some safe and edible plants for your survival. The ability to stay focused can spell the difference between life and death. Read more:

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Save Yourself During Earthquake. Earthquakes have different movements and occur in three different ways. Natural disasters can occur anytime, and we should be ready and prepared to save ourselves when earthquakes occur. Read more here:

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Drive a Car on Snow and Ice. Driving a car on snowy or icy conditions requires skill, and requires proper defensive planning and maneuvers before you face such a foe.. Read more:

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Survive Severe Weather-Tornado Safety Tips and Information. A tornado is one of the most violent storms produced by nature. In most instances, these potentially devastating systems are produced from thunderstorms that are considered to be extremely powerful. Learn a few tornado safety tips to ensure that you and your loved ones are as safe as possible in the event that one of these devastating storms develop.

Prepare for a Hurricane - Staying Safe in Severe Weather. One of the most important things that you can learn or know if you live in a storm prone environment is how to stay safe. A big part of staying safe is being prepared for what will happen when the storm arrives. Read more:

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