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South-African illustrator Iantha Naicker presents us her cute animal illustrations. She uses the lines of her notebook to give a tridimensional aspect to her work, as if these little creatures were enmeshed inside.

Iantha Naicker is a talented illustrator from South Africa. She recently did a mini-series of drawing that are beyond cute. His characters don’t want to stay still on lined paper, so they play with the lines.

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Isaac Ekblad by Stefani Pappas. love this picture for the photography factor. Smoking, yes it's not good for us, but gosh it makes for some great photography.

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("Alex, extremely tired of this shit , has no idea where thebfuck heis, he is alo just took dope snd marihuam from the homeless peopel.Noah drunk and extremely tired on a bus that will take him to Rosie.

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Sketched Kai last night, decided to add some effects (: Kai belongs to me ref used drawn in PaintTool SAI: edited in used Sirius-sdz