Mydriasis - Pupil dilation from drug use.

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@NylaVox/Vikings,Fantasy,Warriors on Twitter

@NylaVox/Vikings,Fantasy,Warriors on Twitter

Photo by Ade Santora

Ade Santora is a photographer from Bekasi, Indonesia, who creates incredible abstract and conceptual images using a variety of apps on his iPhone. We asked him a few questions about his photography and the art of digital manipulation.

Michael Philip Manheim - Reach (From Dancing Hands Series)

Michael Philip Manheim - Reach (From Dancing Hands Series) This is a beautiful shot. In my opinion the dancing hands symbolize humanity and the need of one another.

because im not addicted to drugs, im addicted to escaping the reality

They hand them out like candy, the escape is taunting, just enough for your body to become dependant, may as well hand us heroine