Vivi Sartorius💞💕😍💜

Vivi Sartorius💞💕😍💜

Jacob Sartorius hátán / •I'm Vivi •Jacob Sartorius •Leondre Devries •14 yrs •I love photography •Italy,USA,Hungary(my home💕)
Vivi Sartorius💞💕😍💜
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I feel like there are not enough new pics of Bars And Melody on Pinterest, so here is a cute pic of Leo in their new vlog.

Ik ben fan van Bars and Melody, omdat hun muziek echt heel tof is❤️

LOL! I loved her dad, he was great!

I don't want to hear anything from anyone else about robbing the damn cradle. At least mine was closer to my age, hers just has a huge gap.<<<<< did you seriously just compare Teen Wolf, a show about teenage Werewolves, to your own personal problems?

I'm all three ❤️

I'm none I'm like the calm one that's in love with Jacob but isn't that crazy or nasty or emotional but if I had to choose I would choose emotional