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Krisztina Varga
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An Old Dresser Got a Stunning Lace Makeover -

♤ What a great color if the spray paint was silver instead! Oh Yeaaaaaaaaaayah ♤How to give an old dresser an amazing lace makeover/DIY furniture ideas/dresser makeovers

This is possibly the best thing ever.

This is why my kids will have a dog. Everyone needs a best friend for life. And learning to love a dog, teaches love for many other things. There is nothing greater, than the love of a dog.

Chuck roast with balsamic dijon. The perfect meal for a snowy evening. Crusty, hot French bread with butter dripping...cozy comfort.

chuck roast, pot roast, This Chuck Roast recipe takes just minutes to prep and has the winning flavor combination of Balsamic and Dijon to make it extra is SO freakin' yummy!