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Love the rug ... And it's not a pin from House Beautiful (yay!)

Cement floors, white brick, old windows, Clumsy mirrors behind lounge. I kind of like the idea of putting throws into a basket beside the lounge like that! Your house would have to be pretty neat so to avoid it looking like a laundry basket.

What Will Happen If You Drink Lemon Water For 2 Weeks

The best thing about this, is save time by using our pure Lemon essential oil! One to two drops is ALL you need, and you get the benefit from the ENTIRE lemon, not just the juice! Don't miss out on the amazing nutrients in the peel! Contact me ASAP for my

This Palm Reading Quiz Will Reveal Your Future

This Palm Reading Quiz Will Reveal Your Future<<< Strength: You will have a long, fulfilling life of vitality. Chances are, you’ll be a self made individual. If you choose to marry, it will be for life. You value logic, and rarely indulge whims.