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Once a Soldier, Always a Soldier -- In Service To Your Country. Very touching that an 8 year old understands what many of the adults of this nation seem to either miss or ignore. Hear as he shares his experience in losing his father as a result of the military. | Support our Troops

Once a soldier, Always a soldier. God bless our troops. Thank a soldier, whether a veteran or active service member, because we have them to thank for all that we are and have. For keeping this country safe and free.

Special force - SAS They look like a group of mushrooms ready to kick asses

The Chinook Helicopter is a twin-engine, tandem rotor helicopter designed for transportation of cargo, troops and weapons during day and night in visual and instrument conditions.

Vietnam War Veteran at the Wall.. One of my favorites

"Reflections" is a nationally known painting by artist Lee Teter depicting the past and present reminiscence of a comrade and his brother that "did not come home" at the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.

"The eagle couldn't have picked a better person." Photo of eagle sitting on Minneapolis' Fort Snelling National Cemetery gravestone of Sgt. Maurice Ruch touches hearts, goes viral. *Click to read the whole, touching story...

2011 at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis. The eagle landed on the grave of Sgt Maurice Ruch, US Army Air Corps. A noted rifle marksman, he was stationed in the Aleutian Islands, served four years in the military, and earned a bronze star.