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a hand holding a piece of food with the words a kisic dio on it
A kicsi dió
a yellow book with an image of a bear on it's cover and the words bonitoa jaliemaka written in spanish
Boribon a játékmackó
the words moha ferienc messe - e nyomann are written in an ornate frame
Húsvéti tojások
the hedge and the apple are standing in front of a sign that says, at amafasica messe
Az almafácska meséje
a cartoon book with an image of two dogs riding on the back of another dog
A brémai muzsikusok teljes mese
an advertisement for a children's book called a rarom nyyil
A három nyúl
a painting of a house with trees in the background
an advertisement for a book with trees and leaves in the foreground, against a blue sky background
A csavargó bocs
an advertisement for a library with two birds on the front and one in the back
3 állatmese
an old fashioned christmas card with santa riding on his sleigh
Télapó szánkója
a blue sign that says nem faanii it's dr karpai gyorgy
Nem fog fájni!