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Thomas Walther
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Y peut pas vraiment être fâché. Tout le monde aime les highs fives.

"Stop right there" the police officer tells the man on the motorcycle." The man on the motorcycle replies while giving the police officer a high five. lol love this! I love his partners laugh too!

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Il est interdit de fumer en classe. #Gintama #Anime

Gintama kill me

This idea allows you to store your matches in a prettier and sturdier way than the box they came in.

cute idea for a camping/survival gift basket.Mason Jar Match Dispenser keeps all the matches from coming out of the box in your bag

Interesting stuff!

How To Make Homemade Remedy Cures with Common Household Products - Remove & Replace - DIY Solutions

Fujoshi Otaku on

I love this anime: Gekkan shoujo nozaki kun

The World’s Economy Explained With Just Two Cows

The best World's Economy lesson !

I am YU(blind) he is MI

I am YU(blind) he is MI rush hour 3


It sounds about right then // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - am not Native American, but I love this because racism in all forms needs to STOP in this country!

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