Angel clouds

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Angel in the clouds

I took this photo in Topeka, Kansas in October 2008. I've never thought about how special it was until I was told by a lot of people that it looks amazing. (If ...

Cloud Angel Photo

Angels' Photos: Angel from Above Photo

See a photo of an angel from above looking down upon...

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angel clouds

an old one, I changed the format for BSquare group

rainbow~~~looks like an Angel in the cloud

Sunsets And Rainbows

© 2009 Mark Cote 1. like the buzz of a bee without a shout nameless faces if no one reaches out 2. like the wings of a hummingbird blurring motion dusk to dawn an endless ocean tide rolls on (bridge) some day the pages will slow the sun will glow the colors will shine when you will be mine (chorus) Sunsets and rainbows the days flutter bye, bye a passing friend, a songbird sings a lullaby color the pages sweet butterfly 3. flipping the pages of life a repeating cycle of rhyme coloring…

Angel Clouds

Angel Clouds

Angel cloud spotted watching over motorists on Florida highway as they make their morning commute to work

A woman on her way to work in Florida this morning saw this beautiful image that looks like an angel watching over the highway.