Joanna Warchhold

Joanna Warchhold

Most of all: ""I have but one passion - it is He [Christ], it is He alone." ~ Count Zinzindorf
Joanna Warchhold
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The braided headband is the best thing I've ever discovered, cute ways to throw my mane on top of my head are always welcome, and who doesn't loveee a fishtail braid?

Rainbow Hair!

Trend Rainbow Hair Colors Rainbow hairstyle should have two more colors and mix and it is a very bold style. Still the latest hair trends include wonderful examples of rainbow hairstyles look less dramatic.

Vain Glorious | Braid, Not Frayed! -

For the “rope” braid, a simple pretty twist that looks like a piece of rope, Gallagher says to take two sections of hair to the side and just twist them both in the same direction. Flip one piece over the other, then twist the two pieces together.

Moon Geoun Young

After hyping up Cinderella's Sister with pictures of Moon Geun Young looking pure and innocent in a school uniform, more stills of her in her drama ro…

"Beachy Head" in Britain

"Beachy Head" in the mist combined with the sunrise