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a woman is taking a selfie in front of a mirror with flowers on it
Crochet mirror frame
#crochet #crocheting #crochetmirrorframe #crochetideas #crochetdesign
a woman wearing a crocheted jacket and brown pants with her hand on her head
a crocheted jacket hanging on a wall with a red hanger attached to it
a woman wearing a crocheted granny sweater and jeans with a white shirt underneath
Бабушкин квадрат . Кардиган
a woman wearing sunglasses and a crocheted scarf is standing in front of a white wall
a woman wearing a black and white crochet jacket
a woman wearing a crocheted sweater with blue flowers on the sleeves and shoulders
a hand holding a small crocheted bag in it's left hand,
a black and white crocheted dishcloth on top of a wooden floor next to a pair of oven mitts
Motif balaclava