books//Harry Potter: Golden Era//

|Series of seven fantasy novels written by J. K. Rowling|
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ch. Harry Potter

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ch. Hermione Granger

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ch. Ron Weasley

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ch. Ginny Weasley

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ch. Fred Weasley

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ch. George Weasley

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ch. Neville Longbottom

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ch. Luna Lovegood

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ch. Draco Malfoy

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ch. Pansy Parkinson

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ch. Cedric Diggory

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two people walking down a long hallway with columns on either side and light at the end
Golden Trio
several pieces of luggage are stacked on top of each other in front of a stair case
King's Cross Station
a man standing in front of a window with his shadow on the wall behind him
Ron Weasley
an open window with wooden slats in it
Ron Weasley
a bed with two pillows on top of it next to a wooden dresser and window
Ron Weasley
an old fashioned window with the words quiddittch on it's side
Ron Weasley
an old car is flying through the air
Ron Weasley
a pair of leather gloves sitting on top of a table next to a comb and scissors
Ron Weasley
a pile of sweaters sitting on top of a bed next to each other in black and white
Ron Weasley
the back of a man's neck with black spots on it
Ron Weasley
Jackets, Athletics, Novels, Zip, Quarter Zip
Ron Weasley
a small rat sitting on top of someone's hand next to a brick wall
Ron Weasley
a man wearing a black and green checkered shirt
Ron Weasley