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an image of some different items that are being displayed on a cell phone or tablet
Drinking straw necklace video
Make me! DIY geometric necklace made from neon-bright drinking straws! Step-by-step craft tutorial - fun rainy day, homeschool or classroom activity
the parts of a flower labeled in spanish
A virág részei üres
Környezetismeret 3.o.
an activity sheet for children to learn how to eat
Alimentos saludables online worksheet
a tooth and vegetables worksheet for children
an image of a place setting with food and utensils on the table for children to eat
Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Διατροφής: 16 Οκτωβρίου - Διατροφή και Στοματική Υγιεινή
a young boy holding up a paper mask to his face
Tooth Mask Printable
an open box with the face and nose cut out
This is a very simple game with a dice and cards. Place all the cards face down. Children throw the dice in turns. They call out the part of the body they get. Then they they pick up a card and make a sentence with can or can't and the corresponding sense. Eg: (Dice: Nose. Card: Flowers.) They should say: "Nose. I can smell flowers". In that case, they get the card. But if when throwing the dice, they get "ear", the sentence should be: "I can't hear flowers&qu...
a diagram of the human body and organs
10 Apps for Kids to Learn About Human Body
10 Wonderful apps for kids to learn about human body, with interactive and 3D features. They make learning so fun, even for a preschooler.
some pine cones are sitting on the branches
Hans Christian Andersen - A fenyőfa (hangos mese)
a cartoon sun with eyes wide open
Воспитателям и специалистам ДОУ на заметку! — Разное | OK.RU
a bird perched on top of a tree branch covered in snow and lichens
Kérdőív madáretetőkhöz
some purple flowers are growing in the grass
illatos ibolya, borzas ibolya
some white flowers are growing in the grass
Hóvirág (Galanthus nivalis) gondozása - CityGreen.hu