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four pictures of different types of axes and blades on a black table with grey background
Some of the progress pictures from a good old tutorial i did the Dark Oath Chieftans axe 😃 full tutorial is on my Patreon ! There is also… | Instagram
an ad for the dark knight movie with instructions to make it look like he is in armor
an image of a statue with instructions on how to make it look like a warrior
a close up of a figurine with instructions on how to make it look like darth vader
an image of a golden statue with instructions on how to make it look like a demon
Cool Swords, Minis, Highlander
the vampire skin recipe has been updated and is ready to be used for halloween costumes
Vampire skin recipe
an advertisement for red recipe with instructions on how to use it
Red armour recipe a few people asked for.
six different types of knives are shown in this image, with the names below them
a close up of a figurine on a table with text describing it's features
the green tim recipe is shown with instructions
Cody Behnke on Instagram: "Another painting guide for you all today. This time on green true metallic metal armor! This was a bit of an experiment for me, but I’m really happy with how this one turned out, and I hope you give it a try! You don’t need the exact colors that I used… all you need is the darkest green you own, and a few metallic colors that increase in brightness. Also, let me know what other recipes you’d like to see from me. Hope you all like this one! . . . . . #lootstudios #tmm #
a skeleton is standing next to a dinosaur with the words how i paint bone on it
How to Paint Bones - Miniature Painting