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two black birds sitting on top of each other next to a clock with chinese writing
Viking Tattoos - Huginn and Muninn – The Twin Ravens
a drawing of two black and white wolfs with their heads in each other's eyes
Tattoo uploaded by dafiloy2g
Tattoo uploaded by dafiloy2g • Wolf and Raven • 1253589 • Tattoodo
a drawing of a fairy with a dragon and mushroom
Fairy Dragon
Netherlands - Dragon and Fairy
a man with a tree tattoo on his shoulder
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Celtic Tree of Life
a man with a tattoo on his stomach that has an orange bird flying over it
Animal tattoo by Todo Brennan | Post 7305
Maybe I need to get a Phoenix! ♥ - Tattoo Artist - Todo Brennan - Animal tattoo
Tattoo Artist - Seunghyun Jo | www.worldtattoogallery.com/tattoo_artist/seunghyun-jo Animal Tattoo Meanings, Spirit Animal Tattoo, Bird Of Prey Tattoo, Realistic Owl Tattoo, Wildlife Tattoo, Vogel Tattoo, Owl Tattoo Design, Eagle Tattoos
Eagle tattoo by Seunghyun Jo | Post 11502
Tattoo Artist - Seunghyun Jo | www.worldtattoogallery.com/tattoo_artist/seunghyun-jo
a dog's paw is painted on the belly
I really like this one, maybe it's my next?
a man with a lion tattoo on his arm
Lion tattoo by Inky Joe Hill | Post 4963
Tattoo Artist - Inky Joe Hill
a colorful tattoo on the side of a woman's stomach, depicting a wolf
Dog tattoo by Dzikson Wildstyle | Post 10051
Tattoo Artist - Dzikson Wildstyle | www.worldtattoogallery.com/tattoo_artist/dzikson-wildstyle
a black and grey tattoo with a wolf's face on it, as well as the
Dog tattoo by Domantas Parvainis | Post 5406
Tattoo Artist - Domantas Parvainis - www.worldtattoogallery.com/tattoo_artist/domantas_parvainis
a black and white tattoo of a wolf
Wolf tattoo by Mikko Inksanity | Post 5238
Tattoo Artist - Mikko Inksanity - Animal tattoo