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The clear blue sky contrasting the stunning black sand beach is not hard to find in Iceland, as it can appear in several locations.


~Stunning~ another gorgeous there any other kind? My absolute favorite horse! I've always always loved a palomino!


Rocky Mountain horse-such a pretty red chocolate I am so beau ti fulllllllllllll

Stunning photo. Thx for sharing ... ~storm_rider1

What a beautiful angle. Catches the personality of this horse. What I see is a strong, fearless horse that loves the wind.

Horse with Great hair! Beautiful Appaloosa with a pretty spotted face running in the snow with his wild mane flowing in the wind.

Appy indian horse Appaloosa horse equine native american pony -- oh God, why do you create such beautiful things?

What a beauty! ♡ ♥ ♡

A Beautiful Liver Chestnut Horse .looks more like a Kentucky Mountain horse.but still beautiful. /An absolutely beautiful horse, I also think he is a Mountain horse, EL.

rocky mountain horses are soo pretty!! <3

"silver dapple colt by venomxbaby, via DeviantArt -- This gorgeous creature is a Rocky Mountain Horse and the photo was taken on Fairwinds Farm.


Quarter Horse mare Electric Evangelena and her first foal - 'Mother's True Love' by Kelly Cogburn

Love this photograph!

Come talk to me! What a sweet horse face! The look of please take a picture of me. Look how pretty I am. This horse does have a beautiful face.

A palavra tem sem dúvida o seu poder. E devem ser ditas, na hora boa, no certo tom, para a pessoa certa. Mas é interessante observar que alguns gestos nos fazem prescindir delas... Um abraço, por exemplo: muitas vezes, um dele, dado com carinho e sinceridade e... Não precisamos dizer mais nada.prescindir delas ... um abraço, por exemplo: muitas vezes, um dele, dado com carinho e sinceridade e... não precisamos dizer mais nada.

August is cute animal pals month and we're posting nothing but pics of animal friends! Cat and horse here make a great bud pair :)