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the water is crystal blue and green as it sits next to some trees on the shore
several birds flying over the ocean on a sunny day with blue sky and white clouds
the sun shines brightly through the trees and water in this forest stream that is surrounded by lush vegetation
cottage core summer <3
a beach with people laying on it and the ocean in the backgroung
people are swimming in the clear blue water near some cliffs and trees on top of them
a person is laying on a towel with food and other items around them, including an orange slice
Picnic by the river @solenedepgt
two people are sitting on a paddle board in the water
a bed room with a neatly made bed next to two large windows and a painting on the wall
two women sitting at a table outside in the grass with purple flowers behind them and one woman eating cake
there is a boat that is in the water at this beach and people are on it
Salcombe, divine!