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the cover of guitar techniques magazine, featuring two men playing guitars and one man singing
Ron Wood & Keith Richards - Guitar Techniques magazine; April 2024
a man sitting in front of a pile of books with a pen and paper on his lap
black and white photograph of young men standing in front of an old building with people taking pictures
The Rolling Stones - Paris press conference; March 1966 (Charlie ill back at the hotel)
four people are standing in front of multiple televisions and monitors, all smiling at the camera
Mick Jagger - Thanks @nasa for being so welcoming to us and great to be shown around by astronauts Josh Cassada, Bob Hines and Jessica Meir; 26 April 2024
Adaptation, The Pretty, Looking Forward, Pretty Woman
the group of young men are posing for a photo in front of a white background
two young men playing guitars on stage in front of a building, one holding an electric guitar
two men standing next to each other at night
Music Land, Idol Worship, Paramore, The Beatles
Tumblr, Zombies, Marianne Faithfull, Diet Coke