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an unfinished skateboard ramp is being built in a garage with lots of wood pieces around it
Salon Package Furniture Barber Shop Shampoo Bed Wash Unit Salon Shampoo Bowl Chair Backwash Unit
an apartment building with wooden balconies and plants in the window sill area
144 House Apartment / Ali Sodagaran + Nazanin Kazerounian
Sergio Andrés Photografie
a person with their hands on a piece of metal that is laying on the ground
In 10 Schritten Trittsteine selber machen: So setzt du Akzente im Garten!
Gartenwege gestalten - Gartenweg | selbermachen - Das Heimwerkerlexikon
a man is working on some kind of garden edging project in the dirt and rocks
Landscape Innovator 3: Spaulding Landscape Architects, LLC
Landscape Innovator 3: Spaulding Landscape Architects, LLC - Hamptons Cottages & Gardens - July 15 2012 - Hamptons
a person sitting on the ground next to some rocks and gravel with their feet up
Mur de soutènement : solution de nivelage de terrain
mortier couvrant une épaisseur de cailloux
there are two shovels that are in the ground next to a cement block and some rocks
Projekt - Streifenfundament erstellen
an overhead view of people sitting on benches in a park with trees and shrubs surrounding them
vista de arriba (para detalle de planos) | ARQ | Landscape design, Landscape architecture design, Landscape architecture
the sidewalk is lined with small plants and graveled walkways on both sides of the building
a small black car parked on top of a brick road
Godelmann GDM.NUEVA liner