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the bride and grooms share their most heart - melting wedding day moments in this instagram
Honest Brides Share Their Most Heartfelt Wedding Day Regrets
Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, right? However, with so much pressure and expectation surrounding your special day, it's no wonder that so many brides walk away from their wedding day with regrets. From inviting too many people, having a few cocktails too many, and tons of things in between, a lot can go wrong on the happiest day of your life - check out a few of the most outrageous examples!
a baby in a bubble ball with the words perfectly captured photos show us the world in funny and imaginative ways
Perfectly Captured Photos Show Us The World In Funny And Imaginative Ways
Taking a good photo can be hard, and taking a genuinely amazing photo is even harder. With over a trillion photographs snapped each year, only a few lucky shots really draw people's attention. By combining their talent, sheer luck, and mad photography skills, these talented photographers were able to capture the most amazing shots that you will never be able to forget.
55 Trending Summer Nails to Inspire You Nail Designs, Trendy Nails, Classy Nails, Chic Nails, Pretty Nails, Nail Inspo, Cute Acrylic Nails, Trendy, Dope Nails
55 Trending Summer Nails to Inspire You
55 Trending Summer Nails to Inspire You
two pictures with the words 20 funny fail we almost feel bad for laughing at almost almost
20 Funny Fails We Almost Feel Bad For Laughing At — Almost
We all know you're supposed to laugh with people, never at people. That said, sometimes you've just gotta laugh. This doesn't mean we shouldn't try to be empathetic. It just means that sometimes something so hilarious happens that it demands laughter.
the big bang theory and other things that are in this movie
10+ Even More 'Big Bang Theory' Mistakes Fans Didn't Notice
The Big Bang Theory made fans laugh for 12 seasons, and it's the highest-rated sitcom ever. While fans couldn't get enough of Sheldon, Penny, and the rest of the crew, the series wasn't always perfect. Just like with any other long-running television series, there have been mistakes including plot holes and continuity errors. Here are 10+ more Big Bang Theory mistakes fans missed.
Let me ask you a question: what happens when you encounter a problem? Do you think of a creative solution to fix it, or do you just give up? Well, if you're the former, you'll definitely get a kick out of these folks who did just that. They came up with the most inventive problem-solving concepts that deserve all the praise. Check them out. People, Inventions, Ideas, Fix It, Problem Solving, What Happens When You, Thinking Of You, Shit Happens, Just Give Up
18 People Who Creatively Solved The Problem In Front Of Them
Let me ask you a question: what happens when you encounter a problem? Do you think of a creative solution to fix it, or do you just give up? Well, if you're the former, you'll definitely get a kick out of these folks who did just that. They came up with the most inventive problem-solving concepts that deserve all the praise. Check them out.
the inside of an old house with wooden chairs and trees in it, text reads 16 un
16+ Unnerving Things That People Just Happened To Stumble Upon
Most of the time, we're pretty happy to find something interesting lying on the ground. That's especially true if it's money, but we can happen upon some odd discoveries that steal our hearts immediately. However, there's a reason why about half of all horror stories start with the main character finding something strange. Although that seemingly innocent figurine we find in real life is a lot less likely to be haunted, that doesn't mean it can't be secretly filled with spiders.
a woman holding a chicken with the caption 20 usually normal things that are way bigger or smaller than we're used to
20 Usually Normal Things That Are Way Bigger (Or Smaller) Than We're Used To
When you see certain things of certain sizes, it can be really hard to imagine them bigger or smaller than they are. So, when you actually see something that's bigger or smaller than it usually is, it's kind of shocking. The pictures in this list are anything but normal. They're kind of making me
there are two pictures of different boots hanging on the wall and one has a phone in it
24+ Lifehacks We Definitely Should Have Thought Of Ourselves
How often do you come across something online and think, "Ugh, I wish I'd thought of that!" If you're like me, then it happens on a regular basis.
two brown eyes with the words 30 times people posted something you have to admit is pretty cool
30 Times People Posted Something You Have To Admit Is Pretty Cool
Every now and then, people post images online, because they think they're cool. They think that other people will think those pictures are cool, too. And you know what? They're right about that. You may have to admit to yourself that all the pictures in this list are pretty cool in their own ways. They may even be cool in surprising way
a man sitting in front of a cake with candles on it
30 People Who Are A Bit Confused
I will never claim to be an expert or master at anything, but I like to think I've got a decent head on my shoulders and a good sense of what's goin' on. Most of the time, anyway. None of us are immune from the odd slip-up or mistake, it's just that some of us are unfortunate enough to have those slips-ups caught on camera, like the people in this list!
two iphones with the text 20 hilarious tweets we can't help but think are super relatable
20 Hilarious Tweets We Can't Help But Think Are Super Relatable
The one thing about Twitter is that it's full of a bunch of people who are pretty much going through the same things at the same time. It's crazy how many experiences just seem to be universally relatable. But that's part of the reason why these particular tweets are so funny. I feel personally called out by at least half of them.
many different tattoos are shown in this collage
20 Tattoos That Unfortunately Aren't Temporary
When it comes to tattoos, if there's one trait that stands above all the others, it's the fact that skin art is permanent. Sure, you can try a cover-up or get it removed via a costly and painful procedure, but in general, a tattoo is something that's going to stay with you your whole life. With this in mind, it's hard to believe that anyone thought these tattoos were a good idea.
a collage of photos with the words that seriously affixeded our confidence in the world
20 Sights That Seriously Affected Our Confidence In The World
I'll go ahead and admit that, as much as we may try, it can be very hard to have confidence in the world. It just seems like everything's out to get us: nature, technology, random strangers, and even people we care about. But don't worry, it's not all doom and gloom. Even if it kind of is in these sad, sad pictures.
a collage of photos with information about various things in the woods and on display
20 Pics That Are Hilarious To The 13-Year-Old Boy Inside Us All
There's no denying that we all carry a smidge of immaturity inside each of us. It's a way of tapping into the child-like versions of ourselves, enjoying things freely without a care in the world. That immaturity comes to light especially in the face of certain types of humor. That's what captured in this list, pics that are hilarious to the 13-year-old boy inside us all.
a man and woman walking down a grass covered field next to each other with the caption, at least not paying for my daughter's wedding because she
“AITA For Not Paying For My Daughter’s Wedding Because She Invited My Brother And His Family?”
A man is torn between family loyalty and anger over his brother's betrayal
the great sushi boat was right or wrong?
The Great Sushi Boat Heist: Was it Right or Wrong? 🍣🛥️
Picture this: you're hosting a birthday party for a friend, and a $150 sushi boat gets delivered to your house a week early. You have no fridge to store it, and your friend isn't responding to your calls or texts. What would you do? One person faced this exact dilemma and decided to eat the entire sushi boat, causing a rift in their friendship. Let's dive into this fishy tale and see if they made the right call. 🍣🎉
a woman smiling with her hands on her chin and the words, husband puts waitress in her place over
Husband Puts Waitress in Her Place Over Harmless Flirting 😲
We all know that person who claims to be brutally honest, but sometimes they can take it too far. A wife shares her experience with her husband, who got upset when a waitress complimented his hair. The husband's response left the waitress dumbfounded, and the wife wonders if he overreacted. Let's dive into the story and see what happened. 😏
a baby laying in bed under a blanket with the caption man sees opinions on fair baby care division during
Man Seeks Opinions on Fair Baby Care Division During Maternity Leave
A father has caused controversy by asking his wife to take care of their newborn during the night hours while she is on maternity leave. The man works during the day and has requested that his wife takes care of the baby during the night so he can sleep. He has offered to take over all chores and baby care when he finishes work and on weekends.
the poster for sister faces, featuring two women in white shirts and one woman with black hair
Sister Faces Heartbreaking Dilemma: Care Home or Chaos? 😢
Imagine having to make a life-changing decision that could affect your family and your sister with Down syndrome. One woman (36f) is facing this heart-wrenching dilemma as her mother's health declines. With a husband, three small children, and a brother who has gone through a recent transition, she's questioning if she can provide the necessary care for her sister, Ann (24f). Let's dive into this emotionally charged story. 😢
a pile of money with the words, mother threatening to cut off son over baby name
Mother threatens to cut off son over baby name dispute
A mother is at odds with her son and his girlfriend over a baby name dispute. The mother recently had a daughter and named her Clara, but her son's girlfriend is upset because they also want to name their daughter Clara. The mother refused to change her daughter's name and threatened to cut off financial assistance if they name their daughter Paxtyn out of spite.