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However it is a little known fact that when scientists of the muggle world discovered how few shits Tsukishima Kei gave in about this rule (and in fact, most rules, classes, and people) they had to redefine their concept of absolute zero.

Big three kids with their sibs

The big three siblings. Jason and Thalia, Tyson and Percy, Hazel and Nico. I can also see Bianca in the bottom one as well!

I love how they haven't excluded coran, because I don't know why people think its fine to do so, he is there in every single episode(I think) so I'd like to think that he is an important character and y'all need to get your priorities straight.

The Song of this year’s Lol tournament is amazing! I got so inspired by this song that I made a Voltron Cover in the same spirit as the League of legend’s one! I also made a ♪ Playlist ♫ , tracklist here : ““Lions” - Skillet “It Has Begun” -.