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34 Ways to Decorate Your Walls Even If You're a Terrible DIYer

DIY World Map Wall Art Tutorial (using the Silhouette Cameo) Could be used with any picture! How great would this world map be with little stickers of where you have traveled! Would be great with repurposed wood! I love this idea!

Cigars!  The esstentials Have it, have it, and.....have it

Cigar is also considered as one of the luxury items and is counterfeited a lot. Initially it was exclusively for high class people to flaunt their richness but now with the increasing trend of smoking it is now smoked by middle class people as well.

Cigars, whiskey and good friends...nothing better.

Royal Gold Cigars are a blend of rich, premium tobacco, hand-selected to embody ultimate flavor. Each cigar is hand rolled by artisans with the finest, carefully grown tobacco in the world.

cigar shapes and styles...

Ever wonder about all the different cigar shapes or how ring gauge is measured? This week’s infographic is a quick guide to cigar shapes and sizes. Embed code (please be sure to convert quotation marks from curly quotes to straight quotes):