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a man with red hair wearing a black face mask while standing next to another person
a person jumping up in the air on a stage with people taking pictures and holding cell phones
a young man with blue hair sitting in the grass
a young man with blonde hair sitting on the ground in front of an airport tarmac
a boy sitting on the ground with his skateboard
Jinhwan twitter update!
a young man is getting his hair done by someone with tattoos on their arms and shoulder
jinhwan iKON 🐻
a young man making a heart with his hands while standing in front of a blue wall
a young man is holding his hand over his head and looking at the camera while wearing a pearl necklace
Jinwan wallpaper/lockscreen
a person wearing sunglasses and a white t - shirt
a person sitting at a table drinking from a cup
the young man is wearing a white sweatshirt and black pants with earphones on his ears
OH! BOY on Twitter