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a young boy is walking with a string attached to his head and an image of fish on the wall behind him
Tchibo - Kleine Entdecker
Children's illustrated and animated christmas wishes for Tchibo.
the reflection of a man's face in a glass ball that is reflecting him
Distorted Water Sphere
Distorted Water Sphere - Chris Hadfield
a blurry image of a woman with her hair blowing in the wind and wearing a dress
Bolero | Paul Rousteau
Bolero - © Paul Rousteau
a woman sitting at a table with a glass of water in front of her face
It’s Hard to Stay Sober in a Pandemic, But Holly Whitaker Wants to Help
an orange is sitting on top of some tin foil and it appears to be melting
Viviane Sassen • works • Etan & Me
Viviane Sassen | Etan & Me
soap bubbles floating in the air with text that reads,'pantene '
Pantene - Nutrient Blends
CREDITS Direction Ditroit Creative Director Salvatore Giunta Design & Development Claudio Gasparollo Martin Vokaty Christian Cabiddu Matteo Nicoli Andrew…
an animated image of various objects floating in the air with text overlaying them
Lunacy Audio
an image of a flower made out of soap bubbles and water droplets on a gray background
Uniskin ~ Retinoid Skin Renewal Treatment
colorful bubbles floating in the air on a white background with a black square button that reads,
Microsoft SharePoint | Product Film
We were invited to create a film for Microsoft’s 2019 SharePoint Conference that showcases recent and upcoming innovations in SharePoint and across Microsoft…
HEAD | Isaev Workshop
Apple AirPods PRO | Isaev Workshop
two people walking down a sidewalk next to a tall pink structure in the middle of a park
NIKE // "I just need a change"