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a paper model of a house on top of a white plate with sticks sticking out of it
MuSh Residence by Studio 0.10 Architects | Dezeen
Los Angeles office Studio 0.10 Architects have completed a home incorporating an artists' studio and exhibition space in west Los Angeles, California. The residence comprises two buildings with a courtyard between. A two-storey building faces the street and contains a garage, apartment and art studio. The circulation and exhibition spaces for the owners' artwork and
a model of a building made out of plywood planks on top of a table
locales municipales diseño arquitectonico
Resultado de imagen para locales municipales diseño arquitectonico
an architectural model of a building on display
Modelismo y Escultura
Modelismo y Escultura LUT taller de arquitectura
the diagram shows people sitting at tables and standing in front of a tree, while one person is on a bench
Hôtel de Police du XIIIème arrondissement – Paris
a model of a building on top of a wooden floor next to a train track
Seleção de Maquetes de Arquitetura #2 - Arktetonix
Maquetes de Arquitetura 03
an architectural model of a building with green and white colors
Throw Back Monday - Randers Kunstmuseum
two photographs of an architectural model and the same one showing what it looks like in real life
The ARCHive
an architectural model of a building with stairs and balconies
three different views of a building with wooden slats on the sides and water in the middle
Nanjing Wanjing Garden Chapel / AZL Architects
Visions of the Future // Nanjing Wanjing Garden Chapel / AZL Architects
two drawings of different types of houses
Homepage | MeierPartners
Tianjin Villa – Richard Meier & Partners Architects
a model of a house made out of wood
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a wooden structure sitting on top of a cement wall next to a small black figure