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rovásírásunk Hungarian runic alphabet

Tarsolykészítés kezdetei

Oldalamon a tarsolyok és tarsolylemezek történetével, az eddig fellelt ősi tarsolylemezekkel és az általam készített tarsolyokkal ismerkedhetsz meg.

plates with folk art decoration from northern Hungary

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Tokaji Wine Information Sheet (corrected) by Wine Folly

Sweet and Sophisticated: The Story of Tokaji Wine | Wine Folly

Tokaji wines are sweet, sophisticated, and historically sought. They tell a compelling story of Hungary's role in the modern history of wine.

A favorite of Hungarians. Liqueur with a slightly medicinal taste.

Hungry in Hungary, Budapest

This is a town for eating. Here's where to go for coffee, walnut cake, Mangalica ham, local wines, the emerging craft beer scene — and a detoxing Russian bath when you're done.

Tokaji - Tokaji Essencia - The Wine of Kings, the King of Wine. .::. Home

Tokaji. Elixir of the Tsars. Wine of the Kings. Legends, Myths and History about Tokaji Wines. Finest Essencia and historic Tokaji bottles in our shop.

Traditional wine cellar in Tokaj.

Traditional wine cellar in Tokaj.

Tokaji Wine

The collection of Hungaricums and famous Hungarian products

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Tokaji aszu - only hungarian!

A tokaji aszú: "A királyok bora - a borok királya"

A tokaji aszú (vagy röviden aszú) a Tokaj-hegyaljai borvidéken előállított aszúbor, vagyis aszúsodott és normál szőlő felhasználásával készített desszertbor, borkülönlegesség. A tokaji borok közül a leghíresebb. Évszázados technológia alkalmazásával készül, amelynek…


Sweet Wines, Popular Sweet Wine Varietals

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Bock Kekfrankos, Villany, Hungary #wine

Bock Kekfrankos, Villany, Hungary | Blog Your Wine

Grapes 100% Kekfrankos, otherwise known as Blaufrankisch, which is otherwise known as: “Errrrrmmmm….I have no idea how to pronounce that wine/grape…I’ll just have a glass of Merlot…” Facts Holy hell! There’s very few times when I look at a wine label and think: “Yup! I’ve got no idea what I’m looking at here…” In-fact, the only recognizable thing on this label is Blaufrankisch, which you may-or-may-not have tried...