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a white plate topped with waffles, eggs and strawberries on top of a table
Baby Led Weaning
Waffles with Yogurt, Sausage, Eggs
a white plate topped with pasta and veggies next to cucumber slices
Baby Breakfast (6Months)
10min · 1 serving 1 cup of blueberries • 1banana • 1egg
Baby led weaning meal prep for twins
a white plate topped with meatballs on top of a table
Veggie Turkey Meatballs for Babies & Toddlers
These healthy turkey meatballs are protein rich and loaded with veggies. They are nutritious and delicious, making them the perfect toddler meal option. Easy to make, freezer-friendky and ideal for meal prep. These are the best turkey meatballs for kids.
Easy baby and toddler meal ideas healthy
The Best Pasta Sauce for Babies
A healthy, easy iron packed pasta and spaghetti sauce recipe for babies! Perfect for baby led weaning from 6 months plus. White beans add lots of protein and iron too!
Iron-Rich Pasta for Babies and Toddlers
Ingredients Tomatoes • Onion • Garlic • Bell Peppers • Any other vegetables you have on hand (Some of the vegetables that we like in this sauce are celery, bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, butternut squash, and eggplant.) • 1/4 cup cashews • 1/2 cup red lentils Iron-rich pasta (we really like @chickapeapasta) Steps: 1. Dice vegetables. • 2. Roast vegetables for approximately 30 minutes at 350 F. • 3. Soak cashews in boiling hot water for approximately 30 minutes. • 4. Cook red lentils according to package directions. • 5. Drain cashews. • 6. Blend roasted vegetables, soaked cashews, and cooked red lentils until smooth. • 7. Cook an iron-rich pasta of your choice according to package directions. 8. Top pasta with sauce. *Try to pick veggies that are rich i
BLW First Foods Pasta Sauce
We love the convenience of having BLW First Foods Pasta Sauce on hand! With this veggie recipe for 6 months old babies, parents can make sure their little ones are getting all the nutrients they need for optimal growth, even if they don't have teeth yet! Try this delicious recipe and more at Baby Led Feeding.
a person holding up some food in front of an air fryer with the words sweet potato tots on it
Sweet Potato Tots
Dinner for a 7 month old!