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a lamp that looks like a fish head hanging from the ceiling in a living room
Steampunk Tendencies
a steampunky hot air balloon floating in the sky with two cats on it
Steampunk Wedding
a light that is on top of a wire in the shape of a birdcage
SteamPunk | Стимпанк. Запись со стены.
Statue, Miniature, Steampunk Clothing, Punk, Dekorasyon, Punk Art, Deko, Kunst
All Sculptures, Garden Statues & Figurines |
an antique hot air balloon on display in a white room with lots of other items
a light bulb hanging from a chain with beads and glass bead work on it
several different types of lights hanging from the ceiling and on the wall in various styles
Whimsically Baroque Lamps : Hot Air Balloon Light Bulbs
a light that is hanging from the ceiling
Серия арт-объектов «Воздухоплавание
three lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling in front of a snowy cityscape
Homes - Spring 2015