¨No we did'nt do it¨ ¨uhm wel we actually di...¨ ¨SHHHhhut up bro I'm saving us right here¨


"Keep quiet or else they'll hear you," demanded a Sphynx kitty cat to his nervous feline friend.

great for necklace display and maybe you can display something else on top of it

knock the bottom out of the drawer and hang hooks. face side down and spray paint. bracket on top connects tube to another

backup visual

Exclusive to The Art Of Godmachine Solo Show "Originally for Disturbia Clothing. My attempt to let my first art loves come home to me." Godmachine Edition of only 50 Signed & numbered 24 x Printed on French black licorice stock

black #cat #alchemy #PhasesOfTheMoon

kjerstifaret: Newest design for Cat Coven! Will be available mid-January, so keep your eyes peeled. Also there’ll be a New Year Sale so keep looking for the code, available soon!