Zina Abigél Bakos

Zina Abigél Bakos

Zina Abigél Bakos
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, yougottahaveseoul: whoreshiip: Someone spilled...

transparentious: “transparent Rin coming to take you on a date ᕙ(ಠ∀ಠ)ᕗ ”

Blue exorcist chibi Rin this is the cutest thing ever

Chibi Rin bites someones finger, feels bad, and puts a bandage on the finger! He is so kawaii in this picture! Ao No Exorcist l Blue Exorcist l Rin Okumura Like I said, they make the best chibis


Rin x Yukio (Ao No Exorcist) this is adorable! Now can someone write a fic where Rin teases Yukio with his tail? <<< OMG YESSS someone needs to write something like that!