Zait pls

Zait pls

Hello! Lusta vagyok angolul írni szóval, akit érdekel ez a magamról rész, az fordítózza le. heu.
Zait pls
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She's kinda fab

I will never fathom why she is waring black. She's beautiful, don't get me wrong, but why would you ware black to a wedding?

I don't care if you ship sophiam or not this is adorable

So I know Dailymail is fake, but they said that Liam and Sophia broke up, I really don't know if this is true, but I'm doing research on it>> but Sophiam are my parents I won't allow them to break up

Sophia Smith i love her so much for making Liam happy! :) <3 << Anyone else think she  looks like Tanya burr?>>>>omg she does! i didn't even notice that! :)

Sophia Smith i love her so much for making Liam happy! :) << Anyone else think she looks like Tanya burr? i didn't even notice that! :)>>> I think she looks like Lana del Ray

Liam and Sophia at the Class of 92 premiere. Andddd they look happy. Ok Sophia, I'm slowly getting used to you. You make him happy so I am happy for him, and you. -D.F.L

December Celeb SightingsLiam Payne posed for photos with his girlfriend Sophia Smith as they arrived at the world premiere of the documentary The Class of 92 in London.

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They look happy. So I'm happy. Sophia isn't bad at all. No one should ever hate on the girls because they make the boys happy. And their happiness and smiles should be what we live for 💕

Awwww Sophiam tonight!>>> Liams beard is getting really fluffy, we should name it.......

not gonna lie I'm really digging the beard! Liam Payne and Sophia Smith attend the Fudge Urban Lou Teasdale Book Launch party on March 2014 in London, United Kingdom

Sophiam + Niall selfie lol. Niall ships himself with everybody.>>> I ship Niall with everybody too

Niall doesn't do third wheeling. He just becomes part of the couple. I don't like sophiam. But NIAM YEA!