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A guy bought that house for the sole purpose of painting it rainbow to piss off the church. If I remember correctly, other people watched him paint it and/or helped him paint the house. A true hero.


"It doesn't matter if you are gay or straight. You can still be a useless person." << you can ALWAYS be a useless person. Don't be useless.

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Amsterdam is the sass capital of the world.never really wanted to move to another country, but I kind of want to live in Amsterdam with all the sass masters : )

Nonbinary characters should be a regular thing, because so much prophecy is so…

This would be such an awesome storyline though. Like I'm a cis person that supports LGBTQ+ and I think this would be amazing

Literally me rn (yes I just made that at 11 pm to show how excited I am). By @Pieslee<<<wait shit this is a thing?!?!

Literally me rn (yes I just made that at 11 pm to show how excited I am). ^-^<< its called "in a heartbeat" for those wondering

And the cake was pink by humon.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is me every birthday and Christmas, I always get given shit tonne of girly stuff and it makes me feel bad for not wanting it cause it can be pretty expensive


Me a couple years ago: "I'm not gay… BUT that girl is hot asf…" Me now: "Girls are hot, guys are hot, bisexuality rocks"<<< I'm Bi/Ace but this is still pretty fricken on point