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I love photos of vintage bicycles ;)

Love the bike and basket.enjoy the ride or if the tires are flat, fill the basket with flowers, plants or pumpkins for a seasonal garden display. So Cottage!

Mother Daughter Picnic

bicycle, carrier basket, pink peonies, white peonies, nature so cute!

Blush Pink and Mint Rustic DIY Wedding

Blush Pink and Mint Rustic DIY Wedding by Beca Companioni Photography


A vintage bike and a lovely large hat, two things I look forward to owning one day:)

This is what I want in life.a beautiful (mint) bicycle to ride around cobblestone streets, buying flowers and freshly baked bread.

Apartment 34 | Styling Your Staples: {Denim Shorts}

Street Style: New York Fashion Week Street Style Spring 2014 Street Style: New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 KG Street Style Apartment 34 St.

picnic by bike

seems like my life is also missing a red picnic basket and a vintage bike, lol .