Later, Love Handles! 13-Minute Yoga Sequence to Trim Down Your Tummy

Let Go of Those Love Handles! A Yoga Sequence to Help Tone Your Tummy

Handstand kiss-yoga~ As a practitioner of Tantra Yoga, couple yoga resonates on a beautiful intimate level~ expression is priceless! soul~O

Handstand kiss-yoga~ Tantra Yoga, couple yoga resonates on a beautiful intimate level~ expression is priceless!

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Yoga for Starters Infographic Yoga is a great tool to help maintain a healthy body and mind during menopause.

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Yoga Fitness Flow - Yoga Home Practice Sequence Level I Sequence 2 - Get Your Sexiest Body Ever!

I miss tumbling, having balance  being flexible. This is a start to it all again. Beginning yoga workout. Finally guna get around to stretching out that painful groin muscle I pulled 6 years ago.

I thing every woman can benefit from doing a simple yoga work out every day. It is the subtle strengthening & stretching that takes us into our later years feeling healthy! Bikram yoga: series of 26 Hatha yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises

forearm stand, hollow back

forearm stand, hollow back Do you know what your yoga mat is made of? Make sure your yoga mat is organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Check out our brand new TPE Eco-Friendly, Non-Slip, Anti-Bacterial Yoga Mat!

Beautiful pose

Kristie Kahns is raising funds for "The Beauty of the Sequence" photo book by Kristie Kahns on Kickstarter! A photo book of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series postures, with photography by Kristie Kahns in collaboration with Alexia Bauer.

Yoga For Beginners

Yoga Poses for Beginners Mountain Pose It is the basic standing asana in most forms of yoga with feet together and hands at the sides of the body. I really would like to learn yoga. I am old, overweight and out of shape. Someone help me.