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Yoga Poses for Runners' Hips: Runners, loosen your tight hip muscles with these yoga poses!

How to Fix APT (Anterior Pelvic Tilt) - EatLiftGain - YouTube

If you are someone who sits in an chair for a large part of the day then you may well suffer from APT. Kieran knows this from experience and shares how he fi.

Cross Country Skiing Full Body Workout

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing can be fun activities for the whole family, or your new winter workouts. Find out how to size your gear, and locations nearby to try these great winter sports.

Today: 30 minutes steady pace treadmill @ 6-8 incline... then pure hell, did "touchdown" sprints....pool of sweat... intense feel great... total time 22 minutes sprints 8 minutes active recovery

Sprinting requires three things: strong muscles in your legs and arms. A good cardiovascular system to help transport oxygen to the muscle groups that are doing all the work and some endurance so your muscles don’t cut out after that first, initial.