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Well someone doesn't like being called Asian. is hilarious. I need this shirt bc I get called Asian all the time.


bringmethehcmmo: ““Anonymous said: “hey! i was wondering if u could draw muke + pink girly bows/skirts!”” Mikey, stop trying to kill Luke’s vibe.

5sos songs cant wait to hear all of them

all songs! I really wish that some of these would get on an album and STUDIO VERSIONS>>>I didn't even know about some of these.I feel ashamed:(

5 Seconds Of Summer

of Summer-The fam was the first fandom I actually joined and I'm so glad I did because it has helped me in life in so many ways. Luke, Michael, Calum, and Ashton have been the greatest inspirations and sources of hope I could ask for

Omg where has this been?!<<< oh god... Um... Well then

I hope one day Luke accidentally leaks his wattpad user and he has a bunch of cake and muke and lashton books with smut in them. That is my greatest wish>>>what?>>FIND OUT HIS ACCOUNT!AND REPORT BACK TO ME STAT<<<he prolly doesn't have one.

"oh my god, stop crying" "I'm sorry" in which Michael is a crybaby with daddy issues and Luke hates it.

“Hey distractingkelyn requested me to do this gif so here it is, muke in all their shining glory i will burn ur house down if u steal this<< This is amazing!