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Marie Therese on Behance

Marie Therese on Behance

Sphaerodactylus nicholsi, from Puerto Rico,one of the smallest geckos in the planet.

iheartvmt: markscherz: reptilesrevolution: "Sphaerodactylus nicholsi - this is the smallest gecko-species in captility. Adults reach a total lengh of This is a freshly hatched juvenile - not longer than a coin." Photo by DwarfGecko.

Travel Tuesday: 20 Fascinating Abandoned Places & Ghost Towns  Wolf Hole, Arizona...Ghost Town

Wolf Hole - Arizona Ghost Town In the Mojave County once home of the Fort Mojave Indian reservation, Hualapai Indian reservation and the Kaibab Indian Reservation

Rook climbing cactus

This Saguaro cactus looked to me like it was trying to climb up the side of this mountain. Near Sheep's Crossing Bridge on the Verde River in Arizona. Photo by Glo Atkinson esterly he's climbing the side of the rock!

Animal Pictures

A worldgorger dragon. that's what you can find when paddling with a dugout canoe through the rivers of Ecuador's Yasuni National Park. The dragon is known as Green Anaconda (Eunectes murinus). Photo by Alejandro Arteaga. Nope, not paddling there.

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