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a close up of a person wearing a helmet and armor
Rezaei ®️
Looking a lot like the era of real men is over, every guy looking for the soft life and easy way through everything while listening to any fool like Andrew Tate who motivates their weak persona to overlook any trace of Integrity in all of their actions 💥
Virtual Mythos™ (@virtual_mythos) | Instagram Fantasy Artwork, Statue, Ancient Art, Ancient, Fantasy Warrior, Roman Warriors
Virtual Mythos™ (@virtual_mythos) | Instagram
a man dressed in armor and helmet standing on a dark surface with his hands behind his back
Alexios/Kassandra Outfit - Spartan War Hero, Sabin Lalancette
the logo for spqr with an eagle on it's head and two arrows in
Clip.Cookdiary.net - Roman Legion Flag Clipart spqr 15 - 750 X 1000 for Android, Windows, Mac and Xbox
a large group of men standing next to each other in front of a giant shield
the invictus logo with an eagle and laurel around it on a maroon background
Samurai, Romans, Imperial Legion, Roman Centurion, Armour
Some character concepts I did for MC5 in 2015. Hope you like them.
Character Concepts - MC5
Some character concepts I did for MC5 in 2015. Hope you like them.
a painting of men in armor on horses
Charge of the Roman cavalry