Moomin kite purse/pencil case by Martinex

Beautilful colourful purse featuring the Moomin characters that fits pencils as well as glasses. Cute and practical!

Little My calendar 2016-2017

Lovely 18 months Little My calendar to keep track of things! 18 months, the calendar includes aphorisms on the inside of the covers from beloved Moomin characte

Moomin Alphabet sweatshirt  - J as in Joxter

Moomin Alphabet sweatshirt - J as in Joxter - The Official Moomin Shop - 1

Christmas Moomin napkins red by Suomen Kerta

Beautiful Christmas Moomin patterned napkins, designed together with Finlayson. High quality napkins made in Finland, 20 pcs, size 33 x 33 cm.

Ancestor bowl by Arabia

This new black Moomin bowl by Arabia features the Ancestor. It's beautifully illustrated by Arabia artist Tove Slotte and the illustrations can be seen in the o

Moomin Winterland round jar

Beautiful round jar featuring beloved Moomin characters in a winter theme. Cheer up your every day moments with this beautiful and multipurpose jar.

Moomin on vacation scarf by Lasessor

Stylish black/white Moomin scarf with a printed pattern of Moomins on holiday. Stylish and easy to combine with your outfit. Size: 70 x

Moomin candies by Sweet Story Candy Factory

This selection of Moomin candy, Moomin cookies and other delicious Moomin treats is sure to appeal to any Moomin fan.

Moomin Hearts red 3,7 dl

Moomin Hearts mug holds dl, perfect for cheering your day up!Muurla combines design with durability in this retro Moomin enamel mug.